4 DIY Tile-Cleaning Remedies

4 DIY Tile-Cleaning Remedies

Homemade fixes for tile cleaning.


Love your tile flooring but hate cleaning them? The shine reduces, the stains are difficult to remove, and also the grout is much more muck than grout. Here are a few homemade fixes to create tile cleaning a lesser nightmare.

Plain whitened vinegar is a superb simple soap for fundamental tile cleaning and cleaning. Mix single serving vinegar to 1 gallon water.

2.Sodium Bicarbonate

Sodium bicarbonate functions like a mild abrasive. Sprinkle it in your tile and scrub having a sponge, or use it the sponge and wipe the tile to get rid of muck, and deodorize simultaneously.


Peroxide might help clean your grout. Once you&rsquove done fundamental tile cleaning, apply 3% peroxide directly on your grout and allow it to take 20-half an hour and wipe, then rinse with water. If there’s additional residue, scrub having a small brush before wiping clean.

4.Stain Removal

When you are performing an intensive tile cleaning you&rsquoll frequently encounter persistent stains. A paste made from fresh lemon juice, peroxide and sodium bicarbonate can have the desired effect. Just use the paste towards the stain and let take 30 minutes. Scrub having a brush and wipe clean.

For professional results without all the scrubbing and mixing, call now for expert tile cleaning.

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