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Commercial Floor Cleaning Lexington, SC

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Floor Pro offers many different services for our commercial floor cleaning clients in Columbia SC, Lexington SC, Orangeburg SC and all across the midlands area!  We understand that in the fast pace world of business, the last thing that you need to be concerned with is the cleanliness of your facility, so let us take care of that for you.  Every business, large and small, has its own complex cleaning and facility maintenance needs.  We customize our cleaning to fit your business.

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We offer Commercial Floor Cleaning & Janitorial Service:

commercial carpet cleaning lexington scCommercial Carpet Cleaning

When your office carpet looks or smells bad, your whole business does, too.  At Floor Pro we understand that each Columbia SC and Lexington SC business is unique. Our team of skilled technicians are IICRC trained and certified to diagnose and treat all different types of carpet, tile & grout, and hardwoods.  We strive to be cleaners that can be trusted to recognize the different demands of our customers and to provide the friendliest, most efficient carpet cleaning service possible in Lexington, SC. We have extensive experience in residential carpet cleaning and want to help you keep your Business or Office looking brand new!

Regular vacuuming is essential to regular carpet cleaning because of the carpet fibers’ ability to act like a filter for your Business or Office. Life can be messy sometimes and our carpets need a little extra help to look their best. Any stains from wine, juicechocolatepet stains, are best removed immediately after their formation, because otherwise, the structure penetrates the hair and it will be difficult to remove with conventional cleaning agents on many types of carpeting.

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commercial marble polishing columbia scCommercial Marble Polishing

Is your office marble floor dull?  Has it lost its luster?  We would love to help.  Floor Pro can polish your commercial marble and return the shine.  Poor cleaning procedures, cleaning with the wrong chemicals/products, abuse, and heavy traffic are some of the factors that can dull your business’s marble.  Most of these problems can be solved with our expert polishing techniques.

Marble is one of the most expensive flooring investments you can make in your business office.  Your marble should shine and reflect your investment.  Marble is a softer stone and can be damaged easily.  You should not wait until it is showing extensive wear to have it polished.  A more affordable and better option is routine maintenance.

The Marble Polishing Process:

  1. Evaluation- One of our experienced technicians will come out and evaluate your flooring to make sure it is a candidate for polishing.
  2. Sweep and remove all dust from surface of marble.
  3. We use top-of-the-line Diamond pads at different grits to slowly bring back the shine. We start off with a coarse pad and work our way through 4 to 6 different grits until we achieve the shine that you desire.
  4. We go over the marble one last time cleaning any residue that was left behind from the polishing.
  5. After the polishing is complete we walk through and make sure that you are completely satisfied.

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Terrazzo Floor Cleaning Lexington SCTerrazzo Floor Cleaning & Restoration

Terrazzo is a composite material, poured in place or precast, which normally consists of marble, quartz, granite, glass, or other suitable chips, sprinkled or scattered on the floor and covered by a cementitious binder such as epoxy or acrylic. Over time, the surface of Terrazzo flooring can become worn and dull. This is from normal traffic and lack of maintenance on the flooring. Luckily, the Terrazzo Cleaning Experts at Floor Pro can restore your Terrazzo tile to its new and beautiful state!

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quarry tile cleaning lexington scCommercial Quarry Tile & Grout Cleaning

If you have tile and grout in your business or office, you understand the struggle to keep it clean. The typical cleaning of your tile pushes the soil into your grout lines. Over time these soils can start to make your tile look old, worn, and out-dated. The only system that the average person has to combat this is to scrub each individual grout line. At Floor Pro we have a system to deep clean the grout lines, along with the tile, removing the soils that have built up in them.

We also offer grout sealing. The sealer can be applied after a professional cleaning. This process seals the grout lines so that the soils cannot penetrate as easily into the porous grout materials. Over the counter cleaning agents do strip the sealer off over time depending on the traffic and products used on the floor. Please ask our technicians about proper maintenance and frequency of resealing of the grout lines in your business or office.

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construction clean up lexington scConstruction Cleanup Services

Remodeling your business, home, office? Hire the professionals at Floor Pro to cleanup all your construction debris inside the office. We detail clean all areas of the indoor construction site to ensure your new remodeling job looks fresh and fantastic. We remove dirt, dust, and paint residues on anything from windows, thresholds, slider tracks, baseboards, cement, concrete, and more!

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janitorial service lexington scJanitorial Services (Daily, Weekly, Monthly)

At Floor Pro, we understand that your business needs regular upkeep to ensure cleanliness. We provide Janitorial Services such as trash takeout, sweeping, mopping, dusting, surface cleaning, and more. We offer these Janitorial Services to the Midlands, SC area on a regular basis, whether you need it daily, weekly, or monthly, Floor Pro will accommodate your business’s needs.

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