Mold Testing Columbia SC | Mold Inspection Columbia SC

Mold Testing Columbia SC

Mold Testing Columbia SC

Mold Testing Columbia South Carolina

Professional Mold Testing is a imperative to Columbia SC residents in 2016. The 2015 Fall season experienced the highest rainfall in history, and Columbia had its warmest December on record. These conditions could not make mold spores happier.

With the perfect climate for rapid mold growth, a professional mold testing service in Columbia SC is highly recommended at the first notice of mold. Some molds can be extremely dangerous and hazardous to your health, so Mold Removal in Columbia SC should be taken seriously. Mold can be identified many ways. Some mold can be identified by the naked eye, appearing it black, green, or white blotches. Mold often produces a musty odor, which can be very strong at time.

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Frequently asked Questions about Mold Testing in Columbia SC

  1. Will insurance cover this?
    A: It depends on your insurance policy.  You will need to contact your insurance company to find out what type of policy you have and what will be covered.
  2. Can I purchase a test-at-home kit from a local store?
    A: Test at home kits will only identify a very small amount of hazardous mold. At Floor Pro, we send all samples out to a specialized facility to professionally test mold for all hazardous strains, which will help determine the source of the mold and a plan for prevention.
  3. Will we be able to stay in the home or office while mold testing occurs?
    A: In most cases the space can be occupied, however, it is always best to let a professional make that call.
  4. What factors may cause the structure to be vacated?
    A: Special conditions may cause the structure to be vacated. For example, if there are existing health issues with the people occupying the structure, especially respiratory issues.  Age of occupants is another factor.  Please let your technician know if you have occupants above the age of 65 or under 3 years of age.  Also, the type of water loss can greatly affect the occupancy of the structure.  Obviously a backed up sewage system presents totally different problems than a leaking faucet.

Call 803-356-3776 or request a free quote for Mold Testing Services in Columbia SC.

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Mold Testing Services Columbia SC.

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