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We love our pets! However, our pets don’t always love our carpet.

For our fellow pet lovers, we offer an array of different options to combat the odors and spots that they can leave behind.  We all consider our pets to be part of our families… but along with that comes odor whether it is from

  • The training of a new pet
  • The aging of an elderly pet
  • Simple accidents
  • The marking of a territory
  • Sickness

No matter which is the case in your home, Floor Pro has a solution.   Some smaller incidences can be fixed with simple cleaning, but for the more intense cases we offer a pet friendly odor treatment.  Without the professional equipment used by Floor Pro, a homeowner is left using store bought pet odor treatments which do little more than mask the odor for a limited time. With these products the odor is not removed from the carpet, and occasionally they react with urine causing permanent damage/staining to the carpet .The days of masking the pet odors in your carpet are over. Call the professionals at Floor Pro today, and let us put our industry leading equipment and solutions to work at ridding you and your pet of odors TODAY!

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Tips on Removing Animal Stains and Odors

Accidents happen; below’s the best ways to tidy up

You understand how it goes: The minute you transform your back, your pet chooses that your new carpet’s the best place to alleviate himself.

You clean and tidy, however you can’t do away with that scent. What can you do?

Where would certainly it occur?
You need to find which locations are dirtied, and then re-train your pet dog to prevent eliminating in those locations. And to do that, you’ll have to cleanse those locations, and clean them well.

Right here are the actions you’ll have to take:.

Usage your nose and eyes to discover stained areas. You might would like to use a black light, which you could purchase at a residence supply establishment. A black light will often reveal also aged urine stains. Turn out every one of the lights in the room; make use of the black light to identify soiled areas, and lightly lay out the locations with chalk.
Tidy the soiled areas to remove the odors.
Visit your veterinarian to dismiss clinical reasons for the habits.
Cleaning up.
Make the “accident area” unattractive and/or not available to your animal and the appropriate “washroom” area appealing as a method to retrain your pet. After that use good reinforcement procedures to show him the ideal spot to remove. To do this successfully, follow our recommendations for re-training your pet.

To be effective, you should comply with every one of these actions. If you fall short to entirely cleanse the area, your re-training initiatives will be useless.

As long as your animal can scent his personal scent, he’ll continuously return to the “mishap zone.” Even if you can’t scent tracks of urine, your animal can. Your crucial chore is to comply with these steps to remove (neutralize) that odor:.

To wash washable products.
Equipment clean customarily, adding a one-pound box of cooking soda to your regular cleaning agent. It’s ideal to air dry these items preferably. If you can still see the stain or scent the pee, equipment wash the product once more, and include an enzymatic cleaning expert (available at pet supply establishments) that breaks down pet-waste odors. Make sure to follow the directions very carefully.

If your pet dog urinates or defecates on the sheets or blankets on a bed, then cover the bed with a vinyl, flannel-backed table linen when you begin the re-training period. It’s machine washable, economical and unattractive to your pet.

To cleanse carpeted areas and upholstery.
For “brand-new” spots (those that are still moist):.

Absorb as a lot of the pee as possiblewith a mix of newspaper and paper towels. The additional fresh urine you can take out before it dries out, especially from carpeting, the much easier it will certainly be to take out the stench. Put a thick layer of paper towels on the moist area, and cover that with a thick layer of newspaper. Preferably, put paper under the soiled location too. Stand on this padding for regarding a min. Eliminate the padding, and repeat the process until the location is barely damp.
If possible, placed the fresh, urine-soaked paper towel in the location where it belongs– your cat’s litter box or your pet dog’s designated outdoor “bathroom location.” This will help advise your animal that doing away with isn’t a “bad” habits as long as it’s done in the right location.
Rinse the “crash zone” extensively with clean, cool water. After washing, remove as much of the water as possible by blotting or by using a wet vac.
For stains that have actually already set:.

Take into consideration renting an extractor or damp remove all indications of hefty stains in carpeting (acquire one from a regional hardware store). This device works similar to a vacuum cleaner and is efficient and money-saving. Extracting/wet vac machines do the most effective task of forcing tidy water with your carpet and then compeling the dirty water back out. When you utilize these machines or cleaning experts, very carefully comply with the guidelines. Don’t use any chemicals with these devices; they function a lot better with simple water.
Usage a high quality pet stench neutralizer once the area is truly clean (available at pet supply stores). Make certain to saw and adhere to the cleaner’s instructions for usage, including checking the cleaner on a little, concealed part of fabric initially to make sure it does not stain.
Try any kind of great carpeting stain remover if the area still looks stained after it’s entirely dry from extracting and neutralizing.
tidy pee smells from carpet or furniture. The warmth will permanently establish the discolor and the stench by bonding the protein in to any type of manufactured fibers.
Avoid utilizing cleansing chemicals, specifically those with strong odors such as ammonia or vinegar. From your animal’s point of view, these do not properly eliminate or cover the pee smell and may really urge your pet dog to strengthen the pee scent mark because area.
Neutralizing cleaners won’t work until you’ve rinsed every trace of the old cleaner from the carpet if you’ve previously utilized cleaners or chemicals of any kind of kind on the location. Also if you haven’t made use of chemicals just recently, any trace of a non-protein-based compound will deteriorate the result of the enzymatic cleaning expert. The cleaner will certainly use up its “energy” on the old cleaners, rather than on the protein stains you wish gotten rid of.
Your job will be harder if pee has soaked down into the padding underneath your carpet. In many cases, you may should take the major action of getting rid of and changing that portion of the carpeting and padding.

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